Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Snow

We went to Illinois for Thanksgiving. The kids got to play with there cousins. They decided that behind the couch was a good place for a playhouse.
Jeffrey is so cute!
Amelia and Taryn are contemplating what else to bring behind the coach.

Riley and Victoria got to ride with Paw-Paw on the tractor for a little while.

Then it snowed the day we were leaving and the kids got to play for awhile.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alabama Adventure

We spent many days and afternoons at the local amusement park. It was our first amusement park ventures and we had a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed the water park.

Stacey and Cody Wedding

Two of our friends Stacey and Cody from church got married.
Riley was not thrilled to go.

Victoria was excited to wear her heel shoes!
This is Stacey's niece Hailey, which is a neighbor and friend of ours. They both look so cute.

Riley Driving

Riley has decided to start driving this summer.

Cheerleading Camp

Victoria attended her first cheerleading camp this year. And you can see that she had a lot of fun.

Beach Trip 2

We made our second 2 day beach trip. The kids decided to try and make a sand castle.

First they started with a swimming pool for the Barbie's that will live at the castle.

Look at those muscle's
Our friends Bruce and Baraba were there also with their family. There grandson Drake came to the beach with us for awhile and helped out on the castle.

Victoria took lots of snack breaks and sang Hannah Montana songs.

After the beach the kids were exhausted and we took are standard nap. Look how sweet.

But after they get up, it is ready, set, go!

Riley 6th Birthday

Riley wanted a pirate themed bowling party.
We had Captain Jack on the cake and lots of good friends to enjoy the day with.

Football Season 1

After baseball we started football. Riley plays, Victoria cheers, Jeremy and I coach. It is alot of fun!

Back up and running

Alright I have not posted for awhile so I am going to have a bunch of new adds . So keep up everyone.

I found some easter photos from when my Brother and his family came to visit and wanted to post them first.

When they arrived is was nice and warm, unlike Illinois where they came from.

Aunt Kim helped Victoria color easter eggs, while the boys went to the drag races.

As you can see we colored our fingers and part of our face also!
Then we got up the next very cool Easter morning and went egg hunting!
Our friend Mandy and her daughter came over to help find the eggs.

Then all the kids checked out the loot that the Easter Bunny brought!

Even my nephews Jason and Dustin got a basket left for them:)

Jeremy and I were up late the night before working on eggs!
After we all went to church, it was off to our third venture of the day. Our good friends Jenny and Jonathan invited all of us to come out to the park. We hunted eggs (again) and ate some really good food.
Jason gives it a big thumbs up!
Lastly we were off to our fourth venture and third Easter egg hunt of the day. The kids got to hunt with about 15 others in this big field at Jerome and Cindy's house.

They also had jumping houses which were a big hit.

After eating for the third time that afternoon we all headed home to relax! It was great to have family visit for Easter.