Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our Crazy Dog Junebug got hit by a car for the second time this year. Thus she had to be tied up outside because she fractured her pelvis in 3 places. It did not slow her down much and she hates being tied up.

Victoria would help take her outside and keep her company.

Baseball Party

Well the end of the season came and the team recieved the good sportmanship award.

Then we had a great party at our house.

We slid!
We swam!

We had a small Hannah Montana concert.

More sliding!

Lots of racing on the slip and slide.

Sleepy Princess

We had a baseball game after recital practice for Victoria. I took her to the mall and let her pick out a couple of things since she had done such a good time. She bought this Giselle outfit from the movie enchancted.
Well, I think that the busy day caught up with Victoria. She fell asleep in a chair next to the concession stand during the ball game. After eating chicken and playing in the dirt.

Victoria Recital

Well, Victoria has had her dance recital this year. Different from last year she actually went out on the stage and actually did both of the dances. She had soo much fun!

Here is her tap outfit "Dorothy"

Then they were tinkerbell for the ballet performance.

Where did the time go

Okay I don't know what has happen but my blog has died.

Since the last blog we have finished regular baseball and school.

Here is Riley with his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Tayloe at the end of the school party.

This is Riley's best friend Tyler Herring.

This is Riley's friend Michael, they played allstars together and his dad coached.
We actually got a family picture taken by our great friend Mandy Golightly.